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May Studio Update

Hello everyone out there in internet land! Another monthly project update is in!

As May has come to a close, we're happy to announce that the final three major cast members have been either modeled or concepted.

Garrett Raleigh will be our first teaser we'll be showing. In fact this is the first concept art ever done for his character. Not because we didn't want to but, because his design has shifted over time.

Raleigh, as he's more often called in the story, is one of Eric Aven's closest friends and confidants. He's served all his life on airships as an engineer.

Raleigh plays an important role in William's training and is a key part of the business. Without him, it's very likely that Eric's venture would have gone under long ago.

His art design is still going to be in review but, look for a future update with a more finished model. This concept was done by Bayu after a special request by him. He wanted to try something different than backgrounds. We think he did pretty good.

Moving on from Raleigh, we have a character that saw her first concept art created last year during live streams by Faith.

Grace Lalana, Abigail's mother.

While this isn't a final model, her design is well on it's way to completion. Along with this, her other two poses are finished. So aside from expressions and final shading, she'll soon be added in game in all her glory.

Looking to have another update on her in June.

Then lastly, well, this model has been concepted for some time now. However, we didn't have alternate poses or expressions done.

This is Lord Astoch. He's a major cast member during the Fjordlander story arc and makes an appearance during the Cathedral Trade Conference.

Astoch has re-entered active development as his alternate poses and expressions are currently in production. In May we saw one alternate pose get concepted before the month ended. Look for more updates on him at the end of June.

Now, these three weren't all that got done in May. We'd like to unveil a character who will enter development later and will be modeled for future story arcs. However, she will make a cameo appearance in our initial story. Because of that, she needed some concepts done.

So here she is to the right, Lady Akane.

Akane was one of the tasks Bayu was given this last month. She's actually based on an older concept we had for Sofia. Originally Sofia was to be more Japanese in appearance.

Her model changed to being Russian. However, as time and the story progressed, we found a character that seemed to fit the early concept so well. So much so that we knew she was perfect for Lady Akane.

There will be more details revealed on her with time. Some unfortunately won't be revealed until the game gets launched.

Outside of models, we saw one background image get finished as well. It was an additional image that was deemed necessary to provide a bit more depth to scenes we added last year.

Look for it later on our release!

Moving on from art, music saw more updates from Sean as we've started a theme song process for certain characters. This month saw Calle's theme song get completely revised to a new rendition which will better fit her story moving forward.

Aoli's, which has been shown before in a past demo, also got a first pass at a full expansion of the theme. Originally designed by Finbarr, we decided, due to Finbarr's current schedule, to bring Sean into the mix for getting some of the character themes completed. So far progress and results have been very good. Sean has been able to adapt extremely well to the styles and designs that Finbarr pioneered.

Aside from those, two more area themes went into final. One of them will be seen in a future demo revision as we've redone the external conference theme and employed a new theme which we feel better fits the area.

It's been a very busy month. As temps start to climb, we're looking forward to summer which has been one of our busier times of the year. If all continues well, this summer we'll begin extensive testing and go through some final review before we advance to an official release.

So till next month, see you in the skies!

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