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What villian would be complete without a villanous theme? Nor hero complete without a heroic theme?

If you have read about our stories and art, then you know how big of a project this is. So along with that comes an equal importance on music. Some of the greatest movies can suffer because of a poor soundtrack. It is the same with games.

Likewise some of the worst movies or games can benefit from a strong musical score.

For this we have incorporated the talents of multiple muscians to not only create the songs of the world itself, but the songs of the characters which inhabit this world which we have created.


The songs of the world will be ever changing with the culture.

Each culture will have it's own general theme music which will set the tone for how you will perceive it.

From the very cultured world of the Fjordlands to the lawless sands of the Arashi Desert, each world will feel unique like you are playing a different game.

We want you to feel for these characters and their struggles. For not all societies in the Guns of Icarus world are the same and because of that not all of our music will be the same.

Character themes will flow in with the cultural and general theme songs. While some of their themes may borrow from the general themes, their music will be tailored to their own story.

The Guns of Icarus world is not an easy one to live in. But it is not all somber.

It is our hope that as you play the game and listen to the songs, that you'll be able to feel that character in just the music.

Everything about them, from their joyous times, to their saddest.

Music which will make not only the words, but the art come alive. Which is ultimately our greatest goal as creators of this game.

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