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"A time of heroes and villains.”

“A time of conquest and adventure.”

“The tale or tales, of William Aven!”

"Tale or tales" is right for the protagonist of our story. For you will not only see the story of William Aven, but the potential story for him and the heroine of your choice from the six different cultures in Guns of Icarus. (Character art updated as work progresses)

Who are our protagonist and heroines? Check them out below!

Note: Not all characters are out of concept art phase



William Aven is the son of Eric Aven, a small time, but moderately successful airship shipping company located in the city of Mole. It is an independent city on the north side of the Abyssal Gulf that is kind of a refueling stop for airships on their way to Cathedral, the major trade hub in the north.


He is coming of age and preparing for his future. He just doesn't have a clue what that all might entail.

At this point in his life William is at a crossroads in deciding what he wants to do and where he wants to go.

He is the main protagonist of this story.

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