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February 2021 Studio Update

Greetings! March is in and it's time for another update!

This month we're trying a video update. In it we'll expand a little more on a few images. There is also a Steam game code giveaway at the end of the video for those that stick around.

For those that want a text report, please follow along below:

Art pressed on hard in the month of February as we ramped up production on day two. Reworks on the thug character, as seen on the left, saw impressive advances towards completion.

This preview is only a small snip portion of the greater image including three characters in total. Georgy is nearly finished with it at this posting.

We also saw some great progress on the Accomplice character which is only awaiting some expression work done for his animations.

While his character doesn't have a super major part like some of the others, he has had quite a bit of work done on him before.

Originally appearing only in a key image, his model has seen revisions by Bayu before being pitched to Ingrid and Winks.

For this update we also used it as an opportunity to see if we could get a production line going between the two. Ingrid supplied the original line art, Winks did the color and any final tweaks.

We set out to test this production method for the future when we'll be escalating work on the story arcs. This also was a big test of Wink's ability in trying to come close to the art style. She's been doing great so far.

Ingrid also worked on the final two guard characters that we needed for day two. Both are reworks as well but not much work had been done on them in the past. One reached line art. Another just entered production towards the end of the month. Expected to both be completed in full color and shading in March.

Moving onto the writing side and prep work for day two release, progress has been steady so far. There has been some re-evaluating done regarding day two choice points. A lot of work in February was involving, not only adding more but, also tweaking some scenes to bring them in line with the new direction of interactions between William and Eric.

Testing will really ramp up in March for day two. February saw some bug testing but, most of the work shifted to hashing out the refinements in characters and choices.

Speaking of bug testing. We're working on at least one workaround for the full screen bug while we wait on Tyrano feedback. Hoping we do nail that one. Although, the next big Tyrano update is going to be massive. A complete overhaul of their entire engine so, we're optimistic that by the end of that we'll see a lot more other issues squashed. They really have one of the best VN engines out there. Can't recommend them enough.

Lastly, as we close out February, we're happy to report Broken Hammer received it's first funding from steam. While the Steam cut was a real shocker indeed, we were elated to see the first fruits of our efforts no matter how much it was. It encourages us a lot. Especially when we see our growing wishlist counts.

Again, regarding future deployments on other distribution platforms, we're going to be considering that after early access is finished. May end up seeing us on places like Epic sometime down the line. But there is quite a bit of prep work to do for that. iOS and the Playstore may see the first releases before others on the PC platform. Mac users, we need testers so be sure to shoot us an e-mail to if you are interested in helping test.

Alright, that's all for February, we'll see you in the skies!

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