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No visual novel is complete without it's art.

At Broken Hammer we not only strive to create one of the biggest visual novels in terms of word count size but, also incorporate art visuals to match.

Because this project is going to grow with time, our art will also grow from a simple three models per character to even more by the time the final story is complete. But that is not all.

Each model will have a number of emotion expressions. From happy to sad. As a conversation progresses you will see the character's expressions change.

Excessive? Of course!

But if you read the page on the story, you know by now that nothing is really excessive for this team.

We are not the first to incorporate such levels of detail. No.

This is actually quite common in Japan where visual novels reign supreme! But as a western based studio, this is still a new world with plenty of ground left to grow.


Unlike other studios, we don't start small. We start big! Many western titles have very basic art with minimal modeling or expressions.

On top of all of that, we also are tasked with giving life to a world that has existed mostly in concept art, even with Muse Games.

Background visuals that make the Guns of Icarus world come alive, as well as key images which provide greater detail of our characters, are an important part of the project development.

This is a world we hope you will be able to enjoy just as much as we do. Not just a random school house visual novel, but a story which takes you through a range of emotions.

There will be violent villians, courageous allies, and endings galore!

We hope you will enjoy your stay and that our art will play a big part in that.

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