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Current Projects

Want to see what we're making? Look below!

All is Fair in Dust and Air

This is our current project and in active development. An over 700k word monster with 6 story arcs after the initial release prologue.

The story takes place in the Guns of Icarus world with permission of Muse Games, the creator of Guns of Icarus.

Future Projects


Broken Hammer does not desire to finish the Guns VN and then be content. It will continue developing visual novel games in a variety of genres.

While we cannot say what those plans might be, look for more visual novels to come from Broken Hammer!


Visual Novels take time to make. But also the talents of many people. We are always looking for dedicated people who are interested in both short term and long term work.

Want to chat with the Devs? Check out the Community Tab!
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