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Broken Hammer Games was originally known as TTR Studio.
In 2013, when a group of Guns of Icarus Online players got together with the intent to make a Visual Novel based on Guns of Icarus. We called the small group TTR Studio out of our love for Stein's Gate character Mayuri's "Tu Tu Ru" catch phrase.

During the course of the project, the team changed and the project eventually settled on the shoulders of those who desired most to see it a reality. Who have now founded Broken Hammer Games, LLC to see the project to completion.

TTR lives on within Broken Hammer. We'll never forget our roots, or those that were apart of the old TTR days.

Why Broken Hammer? Because there is a Japanese proverb which states,"The nail that sticks out will be hammered." This saying is often used for children. Kinda like how in the west we say,"Stay in the lines" or  "Don't rock the boat."

Being a Visual Novel company, we adore Japanese culture. But when it comes to who we are, there was nothing more fitting. We all stick out and have been hammered by the world before.  By developing visual novel games, we desire nothing more than to break the hammers that attempt to pound us down.

Whether the hammer be the conformity of western entertainment norms or limitations of peers and society who said we'd never accomplish what we set out for, Broken Hammer stands for whatever our team members envision.

Just because a project is big and difficult, doesn't mean it is impossible. As former US President Kennedy once stated,"We choose to go to the moon!" Sometimes the best solution is not to give up, but to see it through. To do it,"not because it is easy but because it is hard."


Lets break more hammers!

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