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November Studio Update

Cold...cold...but we're heating up! Greetings, it's time for our report on November. If you've followed our Thanksgiving post, you'd have gotten a sneak peak into this monthly report.

We're happy to announce the expansion of our intern program into the west! To start off we brought in a new musician: Sean Esperance.

Sean is currently working as a youth pastor up in Oregon but is quite interested in expanding his portfolio and getting more involved with creating music for games. If you'd like to hear some of his work, please click this link to his: Soundcloud

Sean got connected to us through a friend who communicated with the project director through social media. One Discord meeting later, we're quickly updating music intern contract for him.

Expanding the intern program for musicians was something we had been considering. In fact, back in August there were conversations with Yohana on doing just that. However, at the time it was decided to focus on the art and just consider adapting the program for music over time.

It actually was a bit of a surprise for us how fast we connected with someone interested in doing it. Even more when we heard his samples and realized how well his music could work with Dust and Air.

We quickly got a impromptu music playtest meeting with Sean and Gimmen. Bringing Sean up to speed on Dust and Air and getting Gimmen's input on his work went well. The rest of November we've ran playtests each week to continue getting Sean caught up. He's even churned out some music ideas that we're, happy to say, sound very good for inclusion in Dust and Air.

During these play tests, we've done more edits and tweaks to the script. We've also fixed a few bugs as well. Writing has been splitting duty on Abigail's major edit pass and the initial game script. As it sits now, Abigail's story has been hovering in the low 90k area of word count. Work will continue. Art has been continuing to press forward. Day Two is one background away from complete, Calle has one of her poses now finished, and the decal work has advanced. We've finally got a design that the Mobula doesn't ruin!

We're also happy to announce that the first work has started on the city of Mole, William's hometown. This is the first major city outside of Cathedral that will be visited in game. It will take some time to get the design down, but our first early looks at it are looking promising.

We gave this task to Bayu. It's a major art piece but, Bayu showed aptitude in his portfolio for massive cityscapes. By working on Mole, we figured it would provide good experience for him.

Pending how this major background goes, we may advance him further into working on cityscapes for our first main story arc.

So as we conclude this week and begin December, we expect to continue this momentum into the holiday season. Looking forward to next month's update!

Till then, see you in the skies!

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