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October Studio Update

Greetings! October may be over, but we're still rolling along!

Work on the Cathedral continued into October. We're happy to show you a little teaser of what is to come. Apologies it isn't in color but, we have to save something for the game's release!

Bayu put in a lot of work on both the external and internal scenes for the Cathedral.

The level of detail he applies to them is quite impressive.

Each update he sends in gets better and better.

In fact, we're happy to announce we've extended the contracts for both our new interns during the month of October. They've both gone above and beyond and we're happy to continue working with them.

We're also pleased to announce that our first art assets which will appear in both the introduction story, and the future story arcs, is now in production. Among them is the eventual Aven airship that will become the iconic design of the story.

October was a busy month overall as our art team got new assignments and production took off. Conn also posted some progress on the day three scene which we added earlier in the summer.

This is just a small teaser for now. The final version will been seen later in game.

As it is completed, it will mean we are nearing completion of the backgrounds needed for the introduction story. Which means, a full release is that much more closer.

Moving on from art, writing is at the halfway point on the first major edit of Abigail's story. Early estimates are it may increase by 20-30,000 words by the time it is complete. Which is putting our average per story arc around about 100k in word count. Coming up in November we'll be doing more play test meetings. We'll also be doing an assessment of the intern program and deciding on recruiting another.

Lastly, we're still waiting on word from Georgy. Assuming his operation was a success, we hoped he'd let us know in October. We are concerned but hopeful he'll be back in action soon. Temps are dropping quickly in Russia and he's been working hard since graduation for both Broken Hammer and getting ready to advance his education to the next step.

Will report next month on any updates on his condition. Till then, see you in the skies!

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