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June Studio Update

Greetings once again! It's time for another monthly studio update!

Apologies for a lack of images this month but, there isn't much we can show that doesn't spoil too much of the Cathedral Arc's story.

It's been a busy month in June on the writing side. The Day Three additions that were started in May have been completed. Draft versions of the new scenes are being tested in engine and so far they are looking good. A new Sofia segment has nearly completed it's transition into engine with just a new Aoli segment to go.

I'm pleased to report the additional art assets needed to complete the scenes have been kept to a minimal. Sofia's model has already had some additional expressions created to better reflect the mood present in them. Aoli's model may also see some new expressions but that will be decided once the scenes are in engine.

Also I'm pleased to announce that the changes will be bringing in an entirely new lore creation that doesn't exist in Muse's world. I won't go into it now, but originally it's existence was limited to our story arcs. With these new segments, that changes and, we look to bring the player an early sneak peak at one area of the world that opens up new possibilities for the relations between the various nations.

However, it isn't like we haven't left teasers of it before now. One of our characters has hinted to it since the very early days of development. In time, we'll eventually release more details of this area of the Guns of Icarus world. Likely do an entire lore exposition of what this area is.

Moving on from that, music has been going well. We actually updated a few old songs that Finbarr provided back in January. Some were waiting on continued polish and so the list had been put on hold as Finbarr's schedule has been very hectic with his work. However, taking another look at them with Gimmen, they proved to be perfect for his ongoing development so, I'm happy to report they've been dropped into engine and sound fantastic.

Speaking of Gimmen, work has continued as we've been doing playtest meetings on day two. We look forward to more of those continuing into July as the new sequences are added into Day Three. Then we continue doing our playtests.

Lastly, as far as Decals go, Faith was hit hard at her work in June. Quite a few high profile events she had to handle. Such is the life of a small studio like ours where we all have day jobs. Looking for better updates in July.

We're excited to have seen some Georgy sightings lately so we're looking forward to catching up with him and getting our summer push underway.

The Summer has traditionally been our busiest time. This year looks no different. So the month of July we'll be looking to ramp up development. We also plan to do some website rework and update some old content. Some of the old crowdfunding stuff has been there a bit long now. Unfortunately it hasn't been as high on our to do pile. We'll see how July goes.

Since it is July. I'd like to remind everyone in the states, keep an eye on your pets during the 4th celebrations! Explosions and animals, don't go well together. Many get spooked and run off during this time of year. Some even ending up in traffic where they may meet a tragic end. That isn't a way any pet should have to go. Have lost a few this way and have been there and seen it happen while children watched the car that killed their dog speed off.

Be sure to keep them inside or give them something to hide in till the night is over. Keep them safe.

On that note, celebrate safely as well for yourself. Hands + explosives, is not a match made in heaven. Each year many children and even adults end up experiencing that first hand. It isn't worth making the nightly news, if you end up doing it by losing fingers or a hand. They don't grow back and there is no respawn button in real life.

So have a happy 4th of July and we'll see you in the skies!

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