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March 2024 Monthly Studio Report

March is in the books! Let's start this month's report!

Due to the time and schedule needs to do recordings, we're going to suspend our VLOG report until mid year. Regular BLOG posts will continue. This is mostly due to current development focusing on our Unity work.

Progress on such has been solid and we're about to dabble into some of the routing and story selection options. So far, it doesn't look much different than Tyrano so we're not expecting too much of an issue.

Project 2 integration into Unity has gotten a little faster as we've gotten more comfortable with the command structure. To put it simply, we've been able to preload in multiple pages without much effort. Which is a good sign for future development on Dust and Air.

Another aspect that might help Dust and Air is that Unity provides ways to merge a lot of sprites and build from it. We haven't dabbled into this yet but, it is something we want to check as we bring in the first finalized expression set from Project 2. Which is ultimately looking more and more like Dust and Air. We wanted to try something a little faster with Project 2 but when we got to the expressions, it simply looks so much better to have them more fleshed out than not.

The difference with Project 2 over Dust and Air would be that we only need full expression sets for the heroines and a few supporting characters. Even some of those are looking at just partial sets. Again, it's a much different beast in terms of story.

Progress on the art continued well in March. We actually are wrapping up the final key image pieces as we move into April. From there, we just have some color touch ups and some review to be done. We did find two more models for Ingrid so she's wrapping those up before continuing the next expression set.

As far as Raven's Prayer, there is a little delay as Georgy is dealing with a bit of a serious situation in Italy. He's okay but, just recovering from a big unforeseen financial hit.

As we go into April we'll be continuing our Unity progress. It definitely is becoming a thing for us to accomplish this shift as we see all the possibilities open. Of course, we keep an eye on Renpy development. They continue to add features but most of it is stuff that is either doable in Unity or is stuff we don't really need.

That said, that is pretty much it for the month. We'll see you in the skies!

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