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April 2024 Monthly Studio Report

May is here and let's give April a wrap party!

As posted last month, we'll be picking up VLOG posts later this year due to time constraints. Our work in April saw us wrap up development on key images. While we won't rule out a potential add on one later when we go through the alpha phase, right now that part of the story is 100% complete. So, now we sit with BGs and Key Images at 100%.

As far as models go, we have one more to update so the base models are near 100% complete. Expression work has continued with heroine Nava getting her initial expression set. So Ingrid's work will continue for awhile.

However, we're now getting very close to giving a harder look at music which we may start before our July anniversary at this rate. We have enough of the story in engine that we could give a musician a good look at it so they can build a solid theme set for it.

Moving on from music, Unity work remained strong with a little stalling as we tried to figure out the UI. Thankfully we do have some initial UI image work done by Vergara that also got completed in April so, it's not a problem of not having images. It's just a problem of figuring out how to implement it.

UI is currently one area that is a bit of a weak point in Naninovel. Tyrano is incredibly easier but then, it's meant to be an all in one VN engine that is easy to dev on. At this point, the UI will just be something we have to play around with until we work something out. Worst case, we hire someone who is better versed in Unity than we are. But that is still on the "to-do" pile for now.

Last month we discussed that we'd be getting into some routing in April and we very much did get an initial look. It isn't too different from how Tyrano handles things. Just not as clean on the implementation as Tyrano. In May we'll be doing quite a bit of routing work as we're at part of the story where most of it happens.

This experience is going to be necessary as we'll take what we've learned and apply it to Dust and Air.

Speaking of Dust and Air, we have some good news and bad news regarding development of an updated KS Converter program. Michael, our coder, had some really catastrophic hardware failure. He's getting everything back online now but he's lost a lot of his work in the process.

The good news, is we had some discussions and he's going to be able to see about developing a new program. KS Converter may be going to get a complete rewrite to implement new functionality for use with Naninovel. The biggest hurdle will be simply the differences in file systems. You kind of need to load everything into Unity and then manually tell it where it is. Tyrano is all automatic.

It's a bit of work to consider it all but we're going to be attempting it as it will make converting Dust and Air a lot faster and easier.

Overall, May is simply going to keep getting busier as it goes so we'll end this here on that note. Thanks for joining us on this journey and see you in the skies!

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