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June 2020 Studio Update

Greetings! It's time for our monthly report!

Before we get into the big news for June in regards to the program we teased last month, lets give some update to the decals which launched at the start of June.

To those who have purchased one or the complete pack within Gun of Icarus Alliance or via this website, thank you. We're very thankful for your support and hope you enjoy the decals as you fly in the skies.

While Steam rules more or less prohibit us from discussing the finer details, we can reveal which decals are currently doing the best. Which means, who is the current favorite heroine within the GOIO community. :Drumroll:

Outselling all the rest, Gwynevere leads the pack with a 66% margin!

The next closest are Calle and Aoli who are tied for second place but are far behind the sales of Gwynevere's decals.

So it seems like the northern nations have taken the lead from the start. While Gwynevere is scheduled to be the first main story arc we'll be releasing, it was somewhat surprising to see Abigail, one of the early fan favorites, slip so far back in the sales. Southern nations need to step it up! But, of course, time will tell how they continue to do throughout the rest of the year and we will keep bringing updates as the year goes by.

We're also happy to say that, while demand for the color decals exceeded the plain white, there were people who just wanted the plain versions. When we learned we could do color, we jumped at the opportunity. However, as members of the GOIO community ourselves, we knew some would be more fond of the classic style and we did not want to leave them out. Options are a good thing!

Now, to get to the big news for June and this is a huge thank you to those who pledged recently. Over the course of the last year we've been developing the idea for a program to greatly speed up the building of Dust and Air, as well as other projects. We've had many discussions with programmers about designing it and all agreed it could be done but getting time and compensation for them to do it was a holdup.

With the covid mess this year, it has had many of them working from home. This has made some busier but, for others, a bit more open. Yohana's own brother, Michael, is actually one we had been talking to about this program and because of the lock down in Indonesia and taking care of his newborn son Yoel (Gratz!!), he was interested in working with us on it and we're happy to say, it's finally here!

Not only that but, we're going to share it with the TyranoBuilder community!

So without further adieu, we've opened a new store page on the site and if you go there you can obtain a copy of KS Converter for just $1.

It is a simple program but, one that holds the potential to shave years of development time off Dust and Air. Hence why we wanted to make it available for everyone.

Naturally big projects aren't the only things that can benefit from this program. Anyone who works in TyranoBuilder and has copy/pasted script from word processors into Tyrano, will find this program handy.

The pledge money that just came in for the decals made this possible as we were able to hire him to get this done. Just a another sign of how fast we can really get stuff happening when the funding to do it comes in.

Michael did a phenomenal job in bringing our idea to reality and as thanks, we wanted to promote him on here.

He works in Visual Basic, Unity, and Construct. His specialties are in HTML5 game programming, Android game application, Windows (desktop, office, and game) applications, and Databases.

Some of his past work includes working for Little Giant World from 2016-2018. He's worked on the following games: Planet of Kaz, Foody Avenue, Shop Empire Deluxe, Runnerman, and Shelter Defender.

Michael will be joining on with our team as an independent contractor for the programming side of Dust and Air. However, he is available to work on other projects. If you'd like to contact him for work, feel free to contact us at or reach out to him directly via Discord @ wolfDChel#1851

Along with KS Converter, we'll be also opening a $10 pledge option on the store for the decals. This is just for those that want the decals and don't care about Dust and Air. It will include the exclusive title and icons so, for the same price as the GOIO marketplace you can get bonus items free! Just need to wait for an e-mail code to be sent but, we fulfill those generally within a day depending on office hours. We try to get them out ASAP.

We're happy to see our first products going live to mark our 4th anniversary. While we originally hoped it would be Dust and Air, we're providing a tool that should be helpful to developers within the Tyrano community. Part of our mission statement was to be a blessing and so providing it at an affordable price is important to us. If you like it and want to support our developments, feel free to visit the pledge page.

As July begins we often see increases in activity from our team members and we have had some good updates from our project 2 art team in June so hopefully it is a good sign of things continuing to return to normal. The writing team will be looking to put KS Converter through some heavy loads in July. So we'll possibly see how many stories we can load into engine within a month.

Alright, that's it for June. Till next time, see you in the skies!

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