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July 2020 Studio Update

As July bids a sweet adieu, it's time for another monthly report! Summer certainly is heating up around here. The month of July saw the completion of the last key image of the neutral arc. Georgy came through and delivered a phenomenal piece with it. Sadly, we can't show it since it would give away too much of the story. However, with that done, we're coming down to just some final models that have been stuck in the pipeline longer than we wanted. Thankfully, we were able to get a lot of the precursor work done so right now we're just held up due to artist schedule constraints, a lot of which has been caused by covid mess.

Art in July wasn't limited to Dust and Air, Project 2 saw quite a few new concepts getting added to the pipeline. Due to the lower cast requirements of Project 2, we're not far from getting all the characters concepted. Which means they can advance to final design stages on that front.

On the business side, our first unique software offering: KS Converter, saw the build update to 1.1 as we brought in a major feature that we found was a game changer for the program.

The ability to direct drop text into the converter and make .ks files off of whatever was placed in it. This sped up the conversion process by an incredible amount.

For the first trial tests of the program, we began converting Aoli's story. Since her story is the biggest, we wanted to really put the program through it's paces.

Under 1.0 KS converter, we managed converting a chapter between 2-3hrs give or take depending on content of the chapter. With 1.1, we found that process plummet to under and hour. In fact, for some cases, closer to 30 minutes. To put this in perspective. Under the classic way of script conversion via Tyrano Builder itself, this could have taken days, if not over a week.

The difference is just night and day and we're happy to say KS Converter earned it's first sale since we updated to 1.1. We're hoping it definitely becomes a key tool to VN development in the days to come. Maybe even lead to some big changes to come for the game engines out there. Changes that will make development even easier.

Time will tell if the VN game engines adopt similar functionality but, for now, KS Converter will continue to be a game changer that only Broken Hammer is offering.

We're also happy to announce we've formed an exploratory game venture with Michael Wandojo, the stalwart programmer who helped make KS Converter a reality. We'll release more details on this as the year goes but, right now, he's been developing some potential concepts for a, straight to cell phone, platformer game series alongside our writing team, which could be then taken to market. This is one of our long term goals in becoming a bit of a publisher for more than just our internal games. Stay tuned for this and more as we go forward.

Lastly, as we close, our VP Ryan has been stepping back into helping generate more content on the social media side. His new Hammer Breaker quote series will be featured in the coming weeks. If you have some of your own or stories of people who are true hammer breakers, we welcome your shares.

Going into August we're looking to continue building on what we've started this summer, that kicked off with the decals releasing. So, while we're on that topic, the results of the decals for the month of July: Gwynevere still leads with Calle and Aoli trailing. Sofia, Abigail, and Nakiri are continuing to fall behind. Go Gwyn go!

Alright, till next time, see you in the skies!

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