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From The CEO's Desk...Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness

With all that is happening in this nation, Broken Hammer has remained silent outside of the covid days. Back then we sought to encourage people and give people some hope that they were going to get through it.

Since June when the protests and rioting erupted, I've watched company after company joining into the chorus in support. Broken Hammer's core beliefs are based around supporting those who have been hammered by life, society, and people who refused to believe they could accomplish anything. It is a corporate philosophy of empowering and uplifting. This should resonate with the cause for justice. However, the movement early on has been committing acts of terror and destruction which cannot be ignored.

I went though stage 4 cancer in 2007 and a reason of why I'm here today is because of the most wonderful African American doctor who operated on me twice and showed the heart and soul of a true doctor who became one to save lives. I will be forever grateful and if I found out he was being picked on for his skin color, I'd rally to him in a heartbeat.

I've another friend who I've volunteered many hours with in healing rooms. Both of us have seen a lot of people healed and lives changed. He finally opened up this year that he has been at the receiving end of racism just for the color of his skin. Simply just angered me a lot when I found out.

I should be angry enough to protest, to get out there and make a fuss about it till the world would see. The media wants you to think this is why all these people are getting violent and rioting, destroying property and lives. That their cause is legitimate.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." -Martin Luther King Jr. Broken Hammer, cannot and will not stand with those who destroy others. Their actions pollute and destroy the message of leaders like Martin Luther King Jr who moved a nation and the world without violence.

The doctor who operated on me, his life matters. The friend who volunteers with me, his life matters. The lives of black men and women in uniform who have given their lives in these riots, they mattered. Never forget those like David Dorn.

If the roots of a movement are good and it grows to be an honorable and just cause, then it should be supported. However, if that movement is twisted and corrupted, serving itself and harms others to accomplish it's goals, all while pretending to be a noble cause, it needs to be exposed and rejected.

Broken Hammer Games is a global company with a global team. We call for unity. All races, peoples, tribes, tongues, gender...all matter. No matter your background or place of origin, our time on this Earth is short enough. We're all just dust and water. Here one moment and gone the next. Even if your parents were terrible, that doesn't mean you have to be them. Break the cycle. Break those hammers!

"Do to others as you would like them to do to you." -Luke 6:31

That is a concept so simple and yet seems so rarely taught. Sadly this is a generation that sees violence as a tool to get what they want. Burning, destroying, looting. Chanting "Death to America" and demanding people bow to their cause. It's time to wake up, to realize you are doing more damage to your cause than good. Did MLK Jr ever do that? Did he ever demand the death of this nation? It is like you go out on a cruise and start drilling through the hull to sink the ship. All while knowing the radio is dead and there are no lifeboats. Why commit to actions which doom yourself and your cause? Unfortunately, there are those in power who praise these youths for it and encourage more. In that kind of mentality, you are no longer breaking hammers but becoming a hammer to hurt others. Hijacking peaceful, just, protests to commit criminal acts, hiding behind the name of a movement and tarnishing it irrevocably.

Peaceful protesters, they break hammers. Rioters, they create hammers.

We will not stand with hammers even if it means financial gain or notoriety. If you don't want to buy our games when we get them released, that's fine. We don't need money from hammers.

This image has been getting passed around in social media and I feel it closes this message well. Credit to whoever originally shot it:

Stand together, not apart. Let your light shine, not your darkness. Don't try to break hammers by becoming one yourself.

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