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February 2023 Studio Update

The month is done and it's time for another report!

For the VLOG report, click below!

Taxes are done for Broken Hammer. One of the big things we had to do for the month of February. We like to get them done at least a month ahead. Nothing much to really do for an Indie dev but, it needs to be done.

Unfortunately, it does impact production since we have to divert $800 towards paying the State of California. Lesson to other devs looking to start up. Don't do business in Cali or states with high taxes. Founders living here means it must be done but, it's totally not worth it.

Art production, despite the state of California, remained high during the month. Another expression set was completed and we also had another character model that got overlooked for the first chapter of Raven's Prayer.

This one we can share since it is a memorial character. He's the Baron's groundskeeper and a family friend of Gwynevere: Murgrin.

The real life counterpart of this character passed away back in 2007 but he left a lasting impact upon the story writer.

Murr, which the real life person's name, was a rather quiet individual but quite active in groundkeeping even into his 80s where he would climb up into giant trash cans to stomp down debris regardless of his age. He was a person who found his enjoyment in being active and working so when there came an opportunity to make an elderly character that was a groundkeeper, he became the model.

Murgrin is a play on his name and this character will have some positive supporting roles during Raven's Prayer. Would the real life Murr be happy with this? Likely he'd just say it's all "fine and dandy," which was his catch phrase he used for everything.

Murgrin's completion marks the second homage character that has been added to Raven's Prayer. The first being Heather some months back. Yes, it will not be the last. In a coming chapter we'll be bringing in a homage to Andros, a person from the Gun of Icarus community who passed away years ago in a tragic accident.

Speaking of Raven's Prayer, some major work was done on the cityscape. The art meeting went extremely well and Conn was able to bring out the ideas we had drawn from the prior backgrounds. There will be some teasers in the VLOG but for now, lets just say we're going to rewrite some sections of the story to adjust to the updates. Which, is definitely part thanks to John's concept work the prior month.

For John's work, it continued well on Project 2 with numerous BGs and key images completed. We also had one character model get finished by Ingrid. Unfortunately, she's had some moving related trouble which impacted her progress during the month. But she weighed in on many of the key images and provided good tips which John is learning from.

In the month of March we'll be continuing to move forward with asset production. With the main character models done for chapter one, expression production, rigging, and continuing the cityscape will take the focus. Project 2 work, may take a little break as John is balancing his schedule with new work and we've got to restock the war chest after the big tax hit.

Still a busy month either way we look at it. Don't forget to check us out on the Spring Sale in March! Till next time, see you in the skies!

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