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April 2022 Studio Update

The battle of Google PAD is over! The battle of the month of May begins!

For the VLOG version of this report, please click below:

Big props to Michael who managed to get it all to work using frameworks and tools that hadn't been updated in a long time. If you are a fellow Tyrano dev and are stumped on this aspect, please reach out and we'll put you in contact with him so you could hire him for this kind of job. His rates won't be astronomical.

In fact, our breakthroughs in getting PAD to work will not be limited to just us. We'll be sharing them with the Tyrano community. Hopefully during the month of May. Currently Michael and Josh are prepping to put together a video or live stream where they will attempt to provide some answers to what Tyrano hasn't updated. Free of charge. This is a necessary video for the life of the Tyrano community. A healthy development ecosystem is better than a stagnating one.

Consider it a professional courtesy from us. Especially since Tyrano was a great inspiration for us and helped us get to this point. While we are not happy with how they have gone quiet as of late, the software is without a doubt, the best VN development tool for quick production and lower barrier to entry. The more we've looked for a replacement for Tyrano, the more we found other options utterly lacking.

Our long term plans may be looking away from Tyrano unless changes happen. But, we'll try to give it our best swan song on our way out.

That said, iOS is the complete focus on the programming side. We may bring on some more help as working around the issues in iOS has not made as great of strides like we had hoped. We've done more reaching out in the last four months than we have in the life of the project. It has certainly born fruit in the completion of the Play Store port. iOS is just another beast. It should be easier in some ways but it is harder in others since Apple is stricter with their platform.

With programming talk at a close for this month, we do have some art we can share since we shared the concept months back.

Those that remember, this is our Innkeeper of Ettingscove. We've left him in a split look so you can see how it went from concept to final art.

In the VLOG we'll show a bit more than this but, this is one character you'll see from time to time in Raven's Prayer.

Him reaching final art is just another step forward. To which we're actively seeking more art help for backgrounds on both projects. Mostly because the Ettingscove cityscape is quickly coming to the forefront again as we finish up other art assets around it.

Project 2 is also in need of a landscape/cityscape artist but it is not as pressing. Production on that is going well with Ingrid already moved onto the next set of characters. She does an exceptional job and we're happy with out decision to give her the reins of the art style. With a smaller cast necessary for the story, we're looking at moving it into engine sooner than we ever did with Dust and Air.

The month of May we'll be busy on multiple areas as we look at getting vids made, iOS development advancing, and continued production on our two big projects. Time will tell how the future of our VN development turns out with Tyrano but, for now, we keep on pressing forward!

Thank you for your support! See you in the skies!

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