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May 2020 Studio Update

Greetings! Welcome to June! Time for a review of rumblings at Broken Hammer in May!

May was an active month but, not in ways we hoped. The reopenings taking place actually brought some complications with member work schedules. Must not forget that right now is still a bit uncertain as workplaces that shuttered now have whole new struggles reopening.

Some colleges have also been starting back up too. Georgy had to set aside some of his work to cram for some big exams, as well as frantically trying to finish his dissertation. He's been working really hard during the covid mess in Russia. Covering shifts of others who couldn't go into work and now this. Ganbatte on the Masters!

However, work on the major key image was updated in May as Georgy did some big adjustments to it before he got caught up with his dissertation. Unfortunately, he didn't get a chance to do a quick color pass but that is on the schedule going into June.

In other art news, Astoch's models got loaded into the engine during May and his scenes also went through a bit of an edit pass. For the first time we really got to see what a filled screen looks like in Dust and Air as one of his scenes has many characters on at the same time.

Going into June we'll be ramping up a bit more work in the engine. This has been discussed quite a bit internally and with some contacts within the last year. Simply we'd like to develop a standalone side program specifically for aiding development of Dust and Air.

Specifically it involves converting scripts into the game engine. Programmers say it can be done but, we've not been able to secure one to work on it. Frankly, because the ones we know also work for other devs and their schedules have been rough. Recently many trying to balance work from home schedules with family. Hopefully this all changes as we get into Summer.

Then lastly, we're happy to announce that, despite more delays in May, the decals are finally in Guns of Icarus!

Be sure to check them out in game and if you want the complete pack with the bonus title and icons, visit this page.

Keep in mind there may be a delay on orders through our site as we have to manually send you the codes at this time. But, if you want the complete pack and want to give us more of a hand, we'd appreciate it.

Backers from the IndieGoGo, you don't have to do anything, you'll be getting your codes as soon as they get delivered to us!

Alright, that is it for May! So until July comes around, stay safe and we'll see you in the skies!

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