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Creating games takes a lot of time and money. As a small team, many of us have to work day jobs to keep the lights on. It is a painful reality of a project that is working towards a formal release but has no sales coming in yet.

For many of us, this is a labor of love. But even labors of love have expenses. While the costs of keeping Broken Hammer operating may be less than those who have full studios to outfit and rent, we still incur rather high costs simply by taxation from state governments.

Broken Hammer was founded in Wyoming, but our leadership lives in California. A simple google search will reveal how bad it really is to do business in California. Yes we know, we want to move. However, right now circumstances don't allow that to happen.

Because we have friends and relatives who have asked about ways to support us beyond the crowdfunding campaign, we're opening a Paypal donation page here.

Donations go straight into development and help ease the financial burden. It means we can afford to spend more time developing instead of working to pay bills.

Donations over $20 will be added to a list for a future copy of our first introduction story for All is Fair in Dust and Air.
Donations over $60 will be added to a list for a future copy of the complete game with all of it's stories.

We'll also invite you to join our Hammer Breaker testing group to help test new versions of the game as they get released.

If you aren't interested in those two amounts, no worries. Any amount is appreciated.

Physical goods from the IndieGoGo campaign will not be included at this time. However if you are interested in them, let us know at feedback@brokenhammergames.com. We may have to look into making some available if so.

Thank you!