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March 2020 Studio Update

Greetings fellow home bound compatriots! Hoping all of you are staying healthy and safe right now. This is certainly a mess happening in the world. Lots of stories on the media to get people terrified and afraid. However, as we posted earlier in the month on our Facebook, we want to encourage people not to panic.

Things certainly have changed since then as more reports of successful treatments being reported on around the world. Which is something to be encouraged by. When at one time there was no treatment, almost no hope, now there are quite a few which are showing good success rates. Just, between now and by the time governments approve of treatments, who knows. Sadly, bureaucracy and politics at it's finest!

But where government fails, the private sector, as well as the individual, can step up. You can make things better by even little actions. At Broken Hammer, we're not as big of a company to be able to do much, but our members can do little things in their daily lives to have an impact. We certainly encourage our readers to do likewise. We'll get through this together.

With the decals right around the corner in getting put into Guns of Icarus, we felt we wanted one of the decals to have a little more life.

Specifically the Arashi decal which is featuring Nakiri, one of our heroines who has no final models and only some basic concepts done.

So we decided to get a head start on her and get some concept models made in prep for the day when her story will be told.

To the left here is the result that Bayu whipped up for us during the month of March.

Now this isn't her only model, it is one of three which were ordered and completed. Of course these are not final but, they will be the building block foundations that will go into the final designs.

Nakiri's look may be a bit of a departure from what GOIO players are used to seeing of the Arashi people. However, it is a good baseline starting point for us.

Which is part of our development of the Arashi character as a whole. This is because much of what we see in GOIO, seems to be battle outfits or road warrior inspired fashion. Not so much plain desert dweller equipment that you would see among those who survive in the sands.

Nakiri's story will have characters with the more traditional battle looks, as well as characters that are not warriors. Exploring the Arashi culture in a much deeper way is what we want to do. Remember this is a "League" so there are many groups in one. Some may make wearing animal skulls into a real fashion, others, not so much.

If you notice the cuffs of Nakiri's character, we are doing some preliminary work on getting more of a indigenous culture design into her outfit. Eventually when her final design rolls around, we're hoping to have quite a lot of ideas in place to draw from.

The month of March also saw a few other concepts get completed that have to do with, not only Gwynevere's story, but also over half of the other story arcs. We'll be visiting those in the months ahead.

Aside from Dust and Air art, there was also some progress on Project 2 art development.

To the left is a rough character concept image for Nava, of one of the heroines of Project 2. She is very much a work in progress but represents a milestone of the project.

During development with her, we actually found ourselves utilizing designs we developed for Dust and Air. This was thanks to having so much concept art done for Dust and Air. Being able to quickly pull up some old concepts and reference ideas from them really helped save a bit of time developing.

Not only is Dust and Air influencing Project 2 but, ideas from Project 2 are migrating back to Dust and Air as we're getting Rebecca more involved with some of our Dust and Air designs.

The schedule in April is a bit tenuous. With all the lock downs a lot depends on job schedules. Let us not forget Sean who is right now working in the frontlines at a hospital in his area. Not to mention our other members who have essential jobs which are helping keep at least some businesses open during this time.

Be sure to keep an eye on Guns of Icarus as we can confirm that the decals have been primed into the game engine and the patch is on track. We're happy to say that backers from the Indiegogo can expect some extras as we'll be having an exclusive backer title and some Dust and Air avatars going in. For those that didn't back then, you'll still be able to get the decals via the in game marketplace. We're also working out a deal for being able to continue pledge funding via our website here via our donations page:

If you choose to make a pledge donation via our site, you will be getting the full pack exclusive backer edition. In fact if you want to support this project, the best way is via our website since 100% of the funds go directly into development. On the Steam marketplace store, it is different as there is a cut going to Steam and Muse. In the end it ends up being less than half goes to Broken Hammer. Either way, it will help us but, the best option is certainly to pledge via this site.

All site pledges will be receiving an e-mail after purchase with the Steam keys to unlock the exclusive pack. Broken Hammer will be working to get them distributed as quickly as we can, as orders come in.

Alright, that is it for March. Stay safe in April, we'll see you in the skies!

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