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May 2024 Monthly Studio Report

As May wraps up and temps start to climb towards summer, time for another monthly report!

We pressed on in May towards wrapping up work in Nani Novel with Project 2. As it sits, we're happy to report that the linear parts of the story are now in with progress on the alternate endings moving ahead. Generally most of the endings have only a few components along with time skips to show the after story so we're projecting quicker progress on them than the prior segments. Especially since we've gotten more familiar with the engine.

Unity has a lot of potential that we likely won't even tap for Project 2 but, we're going to look into it for sure for Dust and Air. As it stands, we might have to think more seriously about bringing on someone who is more well versed in the engine but we don't project doing that until after we've gotten project 2 closer to final.

On the art side, expression work continued with another heroine getting completed. Unfortunately, one model needs a little touch up as it had some issues putting it into engine due to some size quirks with it.

As far as the release time table, we're looking at figuring something out regarding that by July. Discussions will continue on that for the month of June as we're actively looking at music needs. We also are considering vocal talent but given how much work that can be, this will likely be something added post launch.

Alright, that's it for the month of May! June will be busy as we head into the summer sale and anniversary event here. So till then, stay cool and we'll see you in the skies!

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