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March 2023 Studio Update

Welcome again to another monthly report!

There will be no VLOG report this month due to illness. Next month we look to return with our regular VLOG reports!

March update was mostly a lot of behind the scenes work and continuing to touch up various expressions for Raven's Prayer. Work on the cityscape for Ettingscove had to take a slight pause while Conn dealt with some situations in the UK.

Project 2 work progressed well into the month with numerous BGs and key images getting final art.

In fact, we're happy to announce that we're reaching the halfway point in the story before it branches. This is a huge milestone for Project 2 as it means we got a near complete chunk ready to go into engine.

Granted, there are some tweaks to still be done, music to complete, and expressions to add but, it's pretty good progress for a side project in only a short time. A big part of that is thanks to our new team addition who has been excited for the project since signing on. We even did some UI mock ups and got some solid ideas for the UI as shown below.

Activity in the backgrounds and key images has spurred on some character development as well and we're happy to say our cast member list for the project is quickly filling up with final assets. Soon we'll be down to simple time skip character updates for the branch story.

With the lessons learned from Dust and Air, we're confident we can get this on a better stride if, at least, a bit more incubation time before Steam listing.

As we've discussed in the past, we are not projecting to do a crowd fund for this project. Launching a crowd funding campaign takes too much time and resources away from development for the chance of securing more funding.

A Kofi campaign or similar, might be considered but only if there is a need that would warrant it. Right now, there isn't.

We are also still negative about doing an Early Access release. Project 2 is more compact than Dust and Air. Doing a complete roll out will be easier from day one.

As we move forward into April, asset production marches on while we are keeping an eye on Strikeworks and Tyrano updates. There was some rumblings and a minor patch in March without much fuss. We're expecting more but communication with Strikeworks has been rather poor overall. A far cry from Nyuu Media's Jay Rab who was very active in the community.

The positive changes have been good but this is a make or break year as far as we're concerned. Either Strikeworks does some big updates or we're back looking at transitioning to a new engine. We'll see.

Alright, that's it for March! April ahoy! See you in the skies!

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