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March 2022 Studio Update

March rolled in like a lion indeed! +10 to those who get the reference! Now it's time for another little monthly report. Just a short one this month!

For the video report, please click on the vid below:

Great news everyone! Android port for the Google Play Store is nearing completion! We had some major breakthroughs in dealing with PAD during the month of March. A lot of testing but, we have a playable build that is right now functioning on both phones and tablets.

Due to the royal pain in the butt it was, and the fact that Tyrano did nothing to alleviate the issues brought up, we'll be definitely looking at holding either a live stream or some kind of video report detailing how to get a Tyrano game to function on the new ridiculous Google system.

iOS, is not too far behind right now. We're still working on getting a functional app with just some minor issues left to resolve. The most success has actually come from doing a Browser export instead of iOS. Unfortunately, getting the framework we've patched together to load it from there has been a lot of trial and error.

Guides will definitely be on the to-do list for the days ahead. Unlike other Tyrano devs, we won't be charging for them or running secretive private message meetings. Enough is enough as Tyrano seems to have abandoned it's English platform development...Well, they aren't talking anymore.

With that in mind, we have been continuing our look at new game engines to utilize for the future. Unfortunately, some of the most promising ones seem to have stopped development years ago. Others, have ridiculous paywalls and plenty of other issues. Renpy is the go-to engine for all these developments. Unity, while better on porting, has zero VN making plugins that actually look decent to use. The best we saw was a $150 plugin that had maybe half the functionality of Tyrano. Waste of money...

So, suffice to say, we're very happy with the breakthroughs during the month of March. Lot of work behind them. We're also happy we got Georgy back from his wedding trip. He's been working away during the month. Unfortunately, nothing we can show this month. Assets did progress but they are tied to some key story scenes which can't be revealed. Then lastly, to close out the month, Project 2 continued with more assets, including one that got it's final master done. Really exciting seeing the first assets deemed worthy for the engine, getting completed.

As of right now, Project 2 may indeed be developed on a different engine than Tyrano. We've stated for awhile now that it has become a bit of a testbed for new techniques and that is remaining true as we progress. Tyrano was good for us but with the wind in their sails seeming to die out, we must move on.

As always, we'll keep these reports coming as we move forward. April is looking to be the month we drop the Play Store ports. Maybe iOS if we resolve the final issues. So, till next time, see you in the skies!

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