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November Studio Update

Greetings! Hopefully our US reader's belt sizes haven't gone up too much over Thanksgiving. Now it's time for a studio update!

This won't be as major of an update due to some of our work starting up again after a hiatus. Bekah has been pushing through her backlog but has confirmed that work is underway again on Astoch. We'll be touching base again for the year end update.

Work on Calle has continued with more work on her alternate model poses. The right image is part of a working concept that Conn has been developing.

We're also happy to say that Georgy chimed in with some updates on his master's work. Seems his schedule of work and education is balancing a bit more. Hopefully we'll get some new updates from him in the coming month.

Work also continued on our various pop up action images with three more added to the growing roster. As we move into December, we hope to have wrapped up the first batch of pop up images.

Holiday schedules may impact some of the remainder of development before the close of the year. Which is usually what happens. In fact, some team members are currently working some extra jobs right now.

Sean is one of them who happened to land a new job this last month. After the stellar year he's put in for Broken Hammer's music development, we're happy he found some more outside work to help keep his own lights on. in fact, he managed to finish up Eric's theme while he looked.

Eric's theme was originally done by Finbarr and debuted in our alpha demo back in 2017. Sean was able to breathe new life into the theme and fully flesh it out to better fit Eric Aven's scenes in the story. It helps a lot with the looping now.

Writing continued some engine updates, one of which was bringing this new theme for Eric into game. It sounds fantastic!

Next month we'll do our year end recap and discuss where we did well, fell short, and also our vision for 2020. We're going to be making a rather big announcement which will be not only affect the ongoing development of Dust and Air but also of Broken Hammer Games. Something to look forward to for the end of the year.

So, till next time, see you in the skies!

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