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September Studio Update

Hello once again. It's time for another monthly report!

For starters, there won't be a musical arts post within the monthly report for this month. Sean's work outside the project kept him a bit busier. However, that isn't to say progress didn't take place.

Music development has been working on the task of revamping our main themes. In September, Sean revamped the main area theme for Cathedral city. Since production began on Dust and Air, we only had one town theme in use that Cody developed. Sean has expanded this since coming onto the project. Given the time changes that take place and the mood of the city changing, the variation was necessary. Cathedral not only has varied art for morning, midday, afternoon, and night, it also now has music to go with them. As of this post, Cathedral has three themes complete with one more theme in production.

On top of this, Sean also made some huge strides on revamping our main theme music. Which is another early piece that Cody developed. While we'd like to share some pieces of it, that will have to wait for a future date.

Art development wrapped up Akane's piece and it has been placed within the engine along with an updated major background piece.

Work has since continued on Astoch with some delays due to Beckah's schedule right now. She's got a bit of a backlog with art requests. Her popularity is certainly increasing and we're glad for her. Although, she's needed more time to adjust to this with her current schedules in life so we're giving her some time to take care of them.

In other news, the first set of props for the pop up images has been assigned so production on them is underway.

We estimate the props for the neutral arc to be completed as part of two batches. From there it will just be bringing them into engine and testing.

Speaking of testing, the next internal build was completed. It saw mostly some art and music updates which spanned across multiple days of the story. Some major themes have transitioned into their final versions. There was also some minor edits made.

We're anticipating another build update as we roll into the close of the year. Looking to have most, if not all the music complete. Which will mean art will be needing to catch up. But after some impressive gains this year in art content, we're sure it will.

October we'll be on track with our current music schedule. We expect all the original tracks to be finished in their revamps and then it's just the final tracks needed along with some play testing to evaluate.

Alright, that's it for September! We'll see you in the skies!

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