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April Studio Update

Salutations! It's time for another monthly report from Broken Hammer!

As we closed out last month, we announced some late breaking news regarding the decals. Well, designs have been submitted to Muse!

Now, we could save them as a surprise for when they are officially in game but, given how long they've taken, we're just going to give a sneak peak.

We are waiting for confirmations from Muse still so, these may still change. However, we're quite happy with how they turned out.

Rebekah did a fantastic job polishing up some of the ones we had done, then designing the final two.

She successfully applied the decal designs from Faith's concepts and the work Conn completed. She then fantastically was able to flow between both styles and designs.

The two she mostly had to do from scratch were Nakiri and Sofia. Sofia's design had one early concept but, it ran into some of the biggest issues. Partly due to the high amount of detail in the Guild emblem.

Nakiri, we had no designs for. Her character doesn't make an appearance in the initial story so most of our development and promotional materials do not have her. Very early versions of the original script did have her making an appearance. However, her involvement at that stage in the story contradicted future plot developments so she was removed.

However, for the decals, we wanted to include her since we wanted to provide proper representation for all the nations of Guns of Icarus.

These decals will be given free to the backers of our Indiegogo campaign. As for if they'll be purchasable on the in game store, they likely will be. We will be discussing timing with Muse. We would like backers to have them before everyone else. These current designs may also change before they become included in Guns of Icarus.

When the designs are finalized and we have a time table from Muse, we'll let you know! Moving on from decals, the art team advanced well in April. Iqbal began development on a supporting character from day two. Early teaser on the right.

It's going to be his first big attempt at designing something for this project that requires more than one pose and multiple expressions. As of this report, progress has been going well.

Bayu has been making some great progress and finished up a background that'll not only be in the initial story but also be used in the future story arcs. Here's a small teaser of it below:

Music made some great strides again. A main area theme, a mood theme, and one character theme got completed. Unfortunately there has been a delay on a major theme development as Gimmen deals with some medical and work related issues.

With that said, we'd like to announce that the current main theme of the project is going to be redone. Cody did fantastic work on the original theme for Dust and Air. However, as he moves on in life, there is a growing need to be able to have a flexible theme that can be utilized throughout the project. As we can't keep bugging Cody over it, we'll be needing something different. This is the work Gimmen is going to be collaborating with Sean on. Which was delayed a little.

The next time we do a demo, it'll definitely have updated music, as well as quite a few other updates in other areas.

Writing saw some updates in Calle's arc. Which was part at the recommendation of Sean and Gimmen. We refined one of her endings and based it off a real personal event that happened for one of the team members. Unfortunately we can't go into it now because it would spoil too much, but later at least the original story that led to the change may be discussed.

Look forward to more updates as we move into May. Now as we close, we'd like to give a shout out to Rebekah for her decal work. If you have any art or even voice over needs, please visit her page PeachyGreenArt here.

Till next time, see you in the skies!

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