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January Studio Update

Greetings! January just finished and it's time for another monthly report! Hope those on the East coast are staying safe during the cold weather right now.

Starting off this month we are happy to announce the edit work on Abigail's story just finished. Wrapping up at around 104,000 words which is an over 25,000 word increase from the first version.

It will go though more edit passes later but we feel right now most of the major additions have been completed. Next up writing will be moving onto some work on the neutral arc and starting to transition another story into the engine.

Art side saw some updates as two characters reached their final model.

We also saw more updates on the city of Mole.

Unfortunately we can't post the cityscape as it emerges, we can include some head shots of the characters.

These are planned to be characters that we'll be using more than once. Either their outfit or their head may change in the story arcs to reflect the changes in the culture they are set in. To have them done means we've effectively completed assets that will be with us a long time.

Going forward from this we'll be seeing the final assets of Day Two in development. Which right now sits at a single background left. After that we're looking at just three supporting cast character models and two more red shirts. With them complete, the character models needed for the entire intro story should be done.

Moving on from art. On the music side Sean was brought up to date with the game engine and has started testing some themes he has in development. We're happy to have him on the team in a more official manner and look forward to working closely with him in the days to come.

Then lastly, on a happy note, Cody is officially engaged. As Cody now moves on in life and meets new challenges, his ability to contribute to the project is diminished. So for now we are gladly sending him off with our blessing. His contributions to Broken Hammer and Dust and Air will not soon be forgotten. Who knows what the future may hold. We certainly look forward to working with him again.

January was overall a decent month. As we move into February, we're looking to continue pace. It'll certainly be busy with Yohana arriving in the states but, it's good to be busy. Till next time, we'll see you in the skies!

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