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September 2023 Monthly Studio Report

Summer looks to be over but our work continues, let fall and winter come as we bring you another monthly report!

Our power issues got resolved so we'll be bringing you a VLOG report this month. Click below!

September saw an increase in work on Raven's Prayer as Georgy ramped up going into the month on both models and BGs. He's been experimenting with leading more 3D based art and the results have turned out rather well for his first foray.

We also saw Winks wrap up her concept work on the Andros memorial character which turned out well. Now it moves onto Georgy for finalization for inclusion into Raven's Prayer. Here's a little concept teaser below that we know Andros would have been tickled to see.

Aside from that, some of the big BGs (backgrounds) that were needed to help finalize one last section of the Ettingscove cityscape also got done so those are now being sent along to Conn for completion. Chapter one progress is certainly getting to the point where we nearly ready to start looking at finalizing our release plans and then move towards release.

Project 2 also moved closer to a similar point as we had some of the last major models get finished by Ingrid. There are still others but, we're starting to run out of anything but minor cast and age up revisions to current models.

Vergara has finished the last of the BGs that Project 2 required, as well as the last of the forward progress he's been making through the story. Now, he's moved onto going back and working on pieces that couldn't be done due to lack of character models ready to support them.

Overall, progress has been solid on both projects and Vergara has even started learning some animation which is thanks to another job he's taken on outside of Broken Hammer. This is something he has our full support on as we'd certainly like to bring in more animation in the future for both projects.

As we wrap up the month, we move towards looking at the holiday season coming up and celebrating the finish of one of our most active years since this company began. We also would like to overdue celebrate our new rescue office cat, Aibou, giving birth to four kittens! As well as them reaching eight weeks of age all happy and healthy.

Our founder rescued her from a place where coyotes roam and often kill cats, to a place much safer and with consistent food. Because of this, she has had her first litter that has survived. It has cost time and money but, there has been a powerful sense of thankfulness in her behavior. Something that makes the costs worth it.

In such a turbulent world we live in these days, we'd like to close out with an encouragement for our readers and fans to not forget small random acts of kindness. It doesn't have to be for people, even a furry face can understand kindness being shown.

Also, looks like we're gaining another office cat as one of the kittens has claimed ownership of our founder.

Say hello to Office Cat: Pudge. He's a little fat fluff ball but, he's got a place here for life.

Alright, that wraps up this month. Till next time, see you in the skies!

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