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November 2021 Studio Update

With bellies full from Thanksgiving, we welcome to another monthly report. Let's get started!

For the video report, please click below:

November turned out to be a background heavy month as we saw work more work completed on BGs than models. Only a supporting cast member model got their base model finalized.

To the left is the grizzly individual who will be filling that supporting cast role. While we can't say where he'll appear, expect to see him in the initial release of A Raven's Prayer.

Other work on models that finished during the month of November was some expression work that Winks did that was necessary in prepping those models for their final assets.

So far the assembly line idea we've started between Winks and Georgy is working well to keep work moving forward. Even while the holiday season hits.

Now, since this was a BG heavy month, to the right is one of the BGs that got finished in November. Slated to be used for the Ettingscove Inn, it will see use multiple times in the story.

There will also be time of day variants added later but, for now, this is the initial BG that will be seen in Raven's Prayer.

As you can see, there are some early design details for the building structure that we have figured out. This will likely be revisited in more detail later on the full Ettingscove Cityscape.

As far as the cityscape goes, we're still building ideas on it. Which is why we're currently developing more BGs that don't have exterior shots that won't need to be redone if we change designs on the city itself.

Moving on, production on the next patch for Dust and Air wrapped up and entered testing phase. Which will be on schedule for a December release. Along with it we've redone the video and audio files from the old ogg format to mp3 and mp4. The reason we had to use ogg was because the old Tyrano required it. When Tyrano hit 2.0, they opened up the more widespread formats to help with compatibility issues on Android ports. Given we are going to port Dust and Air to phones in the near future, we elected to tackle this issue now.

Then, lastly as we close, we've been testing some prototypes for some character based merchandise that we'll be rolling out. To the left is a sample in what will eventually go up on online storefronts like Red Bubble, Zazzle, or another similar vendor.

Mostly this started because it was deemed about time our CEO donned actual Broken Hammer gear for video vlogs. However, it has spawned a life of it's own and we got our first pull over hoodie printed with this design on the back.

So far, it has turned a few heads while out and about as people have been wanting to see what it says. Which is encouraging and we will likely roll out these storefronts to help bring in more funds for production.

For those that wonder, the front side adds our hammer breaking slogan and so far we're happy with the first prototype. However, quality could be a bit better so, we'll be still testing a little more. Eventually we'll have designs for each heroine up and we'll link them in through the webside here.

Alright, that's it for this month. The next update will be our end of year assessment! Till next time, see you in the skies!

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