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October 2023 Monthly Studio Report

October is done and winter is ringing the doorbell, time for another monthly studio report!

For the VLOG report, click below!

Work going into October remained strong with Project 2 wrapping up it's individual models and shifting into age ups of current models. While there is still some that can be considered individual models, most of the prep work on them has already been done in the prior model so it's just a matter of updating age.

This work will continue into November and into the end of the year. If current pace continues through the holidays, we'll be entering 2024 with all character models complete and we'll be shifting into character expression work.

Expression work on Project 2 is not projected to be as extensive as Dust and Air so most primary art assets will be looking to be completed in Spring 2024. With just music to follow, we're looking at a fall or winter release date at the earliest.

Key images are the only other art assets outside of UI elements which still remain and progress also went well in October with quite a few getting completed, along with several battle sequences key to the story.

This has been an exceptional amount of work completed within a year and we're quite happy with how this little side development is turning out. Is it making Dust and Air pale in comparison? Dust and Air is a different breed so, it's hard to do comparisons but, Project 2's development certainly has been benefiting the other.

Speaking of Dust and Air, development remained on track during October with a trio of characters entering the production pipeline, as well as prepping for the final model for the Andros memorial character.

All in all, a busy month for sure at Broken Hammer. We also are pleased to announce that we have shifted our KS Converter tool over to itch for download. Special thanks to a fan who pointed out the website download link was bugged.

Going into November and December we're looking forward to how this year wraps up and to the end of year holiday sales.

So, till next time, see you in the skies!

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