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November 2022 Studio Update

Hope those who follow in the US had a great Thanksgiving! Time for another monthly report!

For the VLOG report, please click below!

As the temps are dropping, November stayed pretty hot here at Broken Hammer. To start off, progress on the Mac OS port has moved into a testing phase. Unfortunately there was hiccups in translating some of the iOS improvements over to PC and Mac. The UI elements literally disappeared!

Good news, we resolved that issue and have moved forward. The bad news is the file size won't be as low as we'd like. However, it will still be under 1GB which is a pretty big change from the 2GB file size we've had for awhile now.

In art news we're happy to announce we're down to the final background image, besides the cityscape, needed for the initial release of Raven's Prayer. We also finished the last of the models needed for this part of the story. Unfortunately we can't post them but, just know that Georgy was kicking some art rear this month.

Art production has now moved onto Winks for expression work. Given the time frame with the holiday season, we're expecting a little slow down. Much of the expressions to be done will likely get finished next year.

Once everything is together, the story building side of things will really kick into gear and we'll be looking at our initial release of Raven's Prayer.

This doesn't mean art will be finishing their work entirely, just the chapter one part. It will transition into the following chapters. We're getting closer to another big team meeting needed as the music side of things comes back into focus. Which likely won't happen till early next year.

Lastly, on Project 2 development, Ingrid churned out some more models and we're happy to announce we've finally found another background artist! John Vergara!

To the left is a sample he drew for us from a character in Project 2.

Found via a Facebook posting, he's a promising young artist out of the Phillipines. His current art style is more anime style but he is expanding his abilities.

His first tasks will be working on backgrounds for Project 2 but we may also bring him over for Dust and Air work depending on how he does on 2. With his addition to the team, there will be an escalation in development for 2. We'll see with time how this goes, as well as contributions to Raven's Prayer.

Busy month indeed, we're happy to close it out with some positive news from Georgy of finally upgrading his PC hardware from a laptop to a desktop. He's quite excited and we're sure the extra screen space of a decent size monitor is going to help him greatly in his art.

December will be a real question as holiday breaks take place but we're aiming to get that last piece done and then do more of a focus on the cityscape now that more pieces of the town are in place.

Our next report will be our year end report in January. So till then, see you in the skies!

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