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November 2020 Studio Update

Welcome back for another monthly report!

November has passed rather quickly. Hope all our American readers enjoyed their Thanksgiving! No doubt there is a lot of questions in all of you about what 2021 is going to look like after all that has happened this month.

Because Broken Hammer utilizes an international team, we hear a lot of things not just from inside the USA, but also around the world. When members in the UK and Russia are witnessing something that is going on that the media either isn't covering or is censoring, it definitely raises quite a few questions about what the truth really is.

Now, this is a game developer so we won't dwell on such topics. Just, if you question something, look deeper into it. Exorcise sound judgement and don't be shocked if you find out things that upset you. If you are a praying person, pray for peace. Pray for the truth to be fully revealed. Really about all we can all do. No matter what happens, Broken Hammer will continue to push forward on our release plans for Dust and Air. Speaking of which...

November went really good for Dust and Air. We hosted play tests and have escalated our builds up to a release candidate. What bugs remain are not super glaring. Biggest one right now may even take some assistance from the Tyrano devs. However, it is not game breaking. It mostly involves just how the background images transition after using the speed up function.

So even once we go to Early Access, we'll definitely still be patching up the work that has been done. We've actually got one final key image that we'd like to squeeze in to the initial build that Georgy just started on towards the end of November.

While Georgy works on that, we're deep into getting the steam page all setup.

To the left is just an early preview. We're still tweaking stuff and double checking all the tricks and techniques we need to use to make an effective steam page. We will be getting backers their steam keys via email before it launches. There is a section for making the keys on Steam. If there is any trouble, please bear with us as we figure this all out.

Initially we will be launching it just on Steam for Windows. The Mac OS version is indeed planned. However, we've no hardware right now to test on. If we can find a solution, we'll definitely get the Mac version out ASAP.

Speaking of Mac versions. We are aware of the new M1 hardware coming. Frankly, we're excited for it since it should be able to allow us to test iOS and Mac OS versions much easier. Investing in an M1 Mini is definitely something we'll be considering in 2021.

Lastly, to wrap up this report, I'd like to just mention that we're happy to note that Astoch's character model is in final art and expression development. Since he's been getting worked on by various artists for awhile now, to the right is a teaser.

He's really turning out exceptionally. Georgy outdone himself yet again. Look forward to seeing his final model in game later into the Early Access.

We've also seen another background that was formerly in engine ready state, now transitioned into it's final art. But, we'll save that reveal for later in Early Access. However, it may just make a brief appearance in the initial release.

Alright, that's all for November. Stay safe everyone! We'll be updating progress on Early Access during the month of December. Right now we're still on track. Any changes, we'll let you know. So be sure to stay tuned to our social media channels and this blog!

Alright, see you in the skies!

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