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May 2023 Monthly Studio Report

May is over and summer is about to break through! Time for another monthly report!

For the VLOG report, click below!

May was a pretty active month on both projects as Georgy churned out some images for chapter two. We also had Winks firing away on building models and completing some big characters. Ones which will see use beyond Raven's Prayer. The next set will be the final ones for chapter one and will signal character complete for this portion of the story.

Project 2 saw another slew of key images complete along with some major BGs that tested the limits of John, our Filipino artist.

His skills are very much improving and we're glad to see his work on Project 2 is being a benefit to that end.

We're also happy to have Ingrid back from a short hiatus in May as she took a much needed break. She's currently working on some characters for Project 2 which required her to do a bit of leveling up on her own skills as they have effects she hasn't done much of. We'd like to show but we'd like to do more of a comparison shot which isn't ready yet.

Music did have a meeting in May and we're adjusting schedules to begin full production on Raven's Prayer. Gimmen has been building some ideas on how he wants to approach each piece. Music meetings will continue more often moving forward with some caveats to working around schedules.

Lastly, as we close up May, there is one final note regarding future development of both projects. Given Strikeworks has not provided any major updates to Tyrano this year and has only produced DLC, then also there is absolutely zero communication between Strikeworks and the Tyrano community after over six months...which is not so great.

We've been more than patient and hopeful but, given that Renpy just released some pretty amazing updates and shows drastically greater support than Strikeworks, it makes us question why we're still messing with Tyrano?

So to that end, we've started some serious exploratory work in transitioning everything over to Renpy. If Strikeworks still comes along with an amazing update that fixes all the longstanding issues, we may reassess this. Will this mean Dust and Air will be changing soon? No. We still have a bit of work to do. We'd like to work out some way to convert save files over as well.

Right now we're looking at making a simple tool to make the transition easier. Ideally, we'd love a program like Tyrano with a support structure like Renpy. If this can't be accomplished without much hassle then Dust and Air may stay on Tyrano and future projects will move to Renpy.

Yes, we have ran some test prototypes in Renpy off and on for years but, this will be the first major serious effort. Will update in the months ahead. Could Strikeworks surprise us this summer? Maybe, we hope so.

June will continue our work as we push forwards with music and do some wrapping up on chapter one while chapter two presses forwards. So, till next time, see you in the skies!

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