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May 2021 Studio Update

Welcome everyone to another monthly report! If you'd rather see the video version of this report, please click below!

May was very much a construction month as we finished up some of the final character models. In total we had one major supporting character model and three minor supporting cast models finished in the month of may. Plus a final background update that was needed for Day Three.

The big major supporting character was Raleigh.

We detailed him a bit over a year ago when Bayu developed the base character model concepts for the character.

Raleigh appears after the Cathedral story and will go on to being a prominent supporting cast member in the future stories.

Georgy did do an updated texturing of Raleigh some months back but hadn't finished it up. Hence why the first pass and final don't look super different.

In May this was one of the characters he delivered alongside Astoch and a background. He's currently working on a touch up on a background for Mole.

In other art news, Winks completed the last of the supporting cast for the Cathedral Arc. To the right is a glimpse of everything she worked on in May.

From the Fjordlander guard, to a chef and waitress that appear in a food cart scene, she went above and beyond once again and delivered some great supporting cast characters. They may not have big scenes now but, who knows what the future will hold!

Full final edit passes are currently underway for Day Three and Four. We're expecting to use June for testing and cleanups before we go into July. Will Three and Four release before July? This is right now a big question. Three has a lot of routing that carries over from Day One and Two. If we focus on Three, we could deliver it for our 5 year anniversary on the 1st of July. Then release the rest by the end of July.

Current art needs are mostly involving content that is after day four. Overall the setbacks we have experienced since entering Early Access haven't hurt the schedule as much as they could have. We also made up a lot of time with our 2.0 patch that resolved quite a few of the major bugs we had been dealing with.

Early Access has been a great learning experience and a challenge. It is giving us lessons we'll be carrying with us into the story arcs and other future projects.

Thank you again for joining us on this adventure. Look forward to more updates in the future! Till next time, see you in the skies!

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