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March 2021 Studio Update

Greetings! It's time for another monthly report!

If you would rather watch the video report, it is included below:

To start off the written report, we're happy to hear some of the positive feedback from those who have bought our Early Access release. Thank you for joining us on this journey and understanding our struggles at this early state.

Solutions to some of the major bugs that Dust and Air has, are coming. We actually tested some this month that were potentially going to resolve the full screen bug. So far that is still an ongoing issue that we think is deeper within the backend of Tyrano. We're comparing a lot of stuff with other Tyrano based devs to get a better idea.

In the process, we also discovered a potential fix for the Steam overlay issues. To keep it short, getting it to possibly work may involve using another program to load the game that is setup for Steam overlay functionality. We're still investigating this.

Our hope is that Tyrano will finish their major overhaul and a lot of these bugs will be resolved in that. However, we are looking at potential stopgap measures while we wait.

During the process of our bug work, we also delved into a bit more in regards to adding a functional options menu.

To the left is some preliminary work on it. The process is not as straightforward as other aspects of Tyrano. However, we will be looking at the potential of getting it added for our first major content drop of Early Access.

Speaking of the big content drop coming, progress was steady with playtesting taking place.

We're happy to say that content for day two has grown in response to our tests and last minute edits. New choice points have been fleshed out better and we've actually added a segment that is going to go a long way to give a glimpse of the future story arcs.

Unfortunately, this meant that the release of the update will push back a little. We're still targeting April. It just may be later in the month of April. This mostly due to the new segment addition that we elected to add.

While we can't show it here, we will say that it is introducing two more characters and that those characters already had a bit of concepting done by Faith some time ago. We're really quite excited it is going to be getting into Dust and Air at this early stage.

Then finally, in art, the last background that needed a little rework is coming along well. Conn has shown some great progress on it so far and we'll be getting it added shortly.

We've got a lot coming due in April when it comes to art. Artist schedules are targeting early to mid April. Pending there is no changes, we'll be finishing up testing while they do their part and then we'll be making our content drop announcement.

That said, we'll be wrapping up this studio update. April is going to be busy! Thank you again to all who have backed and/or purchased Dust and Air. The game development adventure continues!

See you in the skies!

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