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July 2023 Monthly Studio Report

The summer sale may be over but the hot days of summer still press on! Time for another monthly report!

For the VLOG version, click below!

July was a happy anniversary and sale for us at Broken Hammer. As we entered into it, we wrapped up more character model animation creation and moved right into some bigger development for chapter two of Raven's Prayer.

Right now chapter one development is looking at 99% art complete with just some updates to do to the cityscape which are turning out to be more dependent upon some BGs in chapter two that are currently being worked on. After that we just have music and some final development decisions before we start rolling it out.

Georgy has been working on a slew of BGs with one complex one completed in July for Raven's Prayer.

Winks, not only finished her expressions work but has now started on some major concepting for the Andros memorial character which will appear in chapter two. We've got a group including a family member of his and we'll be getting some solid work done on him during the month of August. Which honestly excites us as this is a character we planned back in 2017 when he was killed in a tragic accident. To finally be memorializing him in the story is a great honor and we're hoping his family and friends like the final result.

Project 2 development continued well through July. We had some major character models get done during the month. We wish we could show them but these ones are key to the story and will have to wait till later. John, also worked hard on a slew of BGs and some key images during the time and we're happy to say we're almost done with the BGs for the story. Currently about halfway through the branch end routes.

As it stands, we may catch up to character model development. However, if that happens, John won't be out of work as we will shift him onto Dust and Air. Yes, he has worked on it a little in the past but his style needed some maturing so he's been doing that on Project 2. Which, we're happy to say, he's doing much better these days. He's really learned a lot more on the art styles and also VN game design elements.

For the month of August, production continues. There will also be a special sale event for Dust and Air as Steam is running it's Visual Novel Fest early in the month. We will be running a similar sale on itch and on iOS app store. Because it's the first time Steam has ever done this and really focused on VNs for a sale, we'll be offering a special bonus on the discount. Look forward to it if you have been on the fence with us for awhile!

Alright, that is it for the month of July. For those in summer, stay cool! For those in winter, stay warm!But most of all, see you in the skies!

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