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February 2020 Studio Update

Happy Leap Year!

Okay, now that the novelty of an extra day is worn off, time to get into this month's report.

February was a busy month on the art side. Not only did Grace get put into the game engine but, we also saw some updates to past models. Georgy was rearing to go and we discussed both the current needs and updates to current usable character models.

For starters, he revisited Raleigh's model and did a polish pass over it. While he wasn't finished with the face, we wanted to show the level of detail that is increasing on Raleigh's model so we whipped up a little comparison with both models.

As you can see, the hands and clothing of the new model shows a lot more texture and light than the model before.

Not that our old models weren't helpful. In fact, they helped a lot. Part of the reason for doing this was as a test to see if this could work better going forward.

We're happy to say that Georgy was able to work a lot faster having them already ready to work with.

As we move forward, we'll be adopting this new strategy with our models whenever we utilize multiple artists. There will be a basic version which will get sent to Georgy for polishing. Which will then become the final model we'll use in game.

That said, a flurry of these basic models were completed this month by Bayu. Two characters which will appear in the main story arcs right now have their first model concepts ready. We'll be showcasing early previews of them bit by bit as they get developed.

The first of which is a character who has been concepted quite a few times since this project began. The always lovable Powder!

Originally she was written as a joke character regarding new players in Guns of Icarus matches. It wasn't long till she quickly rose out of that status and claimed an endearing place in the stories.

While this model is definitely not her finished one, it is a milestone for one of our original characters.

While talking milestones, Yohana is happy to announce the first new recruitment for Project 2: Rebecca Marshall. She is an artist and author who has published her own work. You can find it here on Amazon. Yohana found her through Instagram and after discussing the project with her and having an online meeting with Ryan, we knew she was perfect for such a project in early development.

Overall it was a busier month than we anticipated but, a good one. There was much more good news all around for our team members. Rebekah got in touch and we're happy to hear she is in the final stages of her move up to Canada. Ganbatte!

Yohana's move to the states is progressing despite flight cancellations due to the virus scares. Now slated for arrival in March, she's busy helping out as much as she can with her family before she leaves. Faito! Then lastly, a congratulations to Sean as he graduated from his CNA1 course and is officially a nursing assistant. In March he'll be taking the state certification test in Oregon and continuing towards a CNA2. This has been fantastic news for the team as he's been working hard at a hospital since November. We're looking forward to the new music he's going to be producing in the future!

Alright, that's all for this month, we'll be bringing more updates in March as we push on into this year. Till next time...

See you in the skies!

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