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August 2023 Monthly Studio Report

Summer presses on and another month is over, time for another monthly studio report!

Due to a recent power outage at our office, there won't be a VLOG report this month. Unfortunately it's not just a simple local area outage but actual breaker might be blown. Lots of old wires so an electrician is needed to diagnose. There is still one line that is functional but it's already under load and trying to power up the video editor software to encode video for the VLOG would only increase the burden exponentially. Thus, we opted to play it safe and wait till after the electrician has checked it all out.

That all out of the way, let's get to it!

Raven's Prayer work saw some jumps during August as Georgy delivered on characters and some background work. We also saw the Andros memorial character get initial concepts done. Brainstorming with a family member and his friends was fantastic. It was a very nice experience which has brought up many old memories of happy times, as well as a deeper look at who he was in his life.

There has also been new additions to the story in our first canine character for Dust and Air. It is a little dog that Andros cared for which was a product of these meetings.

As a company with a pet loving culture at it's heart, we are quite happy to start bringing in some four legged friends into the story sooner than anticipated. To be honest, the contents of Dust and Air hadn't included them because there just wasn't a good moment to bring them in during the Cathedral introduction story. At least, not one that didn't seem overtly distracting to the flow of the story.

Moving onto Project 2, we continued to press on with a flurry of key images and some character development by both John and Ingrid. John has been getting a lot more work lately from some other projects so some of his pacing has slowed but, he's still delivering often enough that it hasn't impacted momentum much.

Currently John is working on the last segment of content before we go back and build some pieces that had to be bypassed earlier due to models not being completed yet. We're looking to start into this during the month of September while Ingrid is working on some important heroine models for the bonus heroines of the story that won't be featured in the initial reveal but will be unlocked later. Spoiler? Only a little. But this isn't new for us since Dust and Air also has heroines that aren't included in the initial story.

With that said, we close out August and look forward to September. We're happy to have been apart of Steam's VN Fest and happy to have a bunch of new fans join us from that. Special shout out to those from Turkey. Was quite a surprise to see so many from there during the sale. As our founders have a friend in Turkey, we certainly appreciate the support. Much thanks!

Alright, onward to September! See you in the skies!

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