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August 2021 Studio Update

September is here! Time for another monthly report!

For the video report, please click below!

During the month of August we decided to expedite work on the demo while our final art pieces for the Cathedral story arc were being worked on. For those that haven't checked it out, you can find it on Dust and Air's Steam page

The demo showcases the first encounter with Gwynevere on Day One of the story. Those that want to continue the story, can see it in the full game. However, we do not recommend transferring saves as the demo is a cut piece of the story and does not start from the beginning of the original story.

Originally we wanted it to just flow from the demo into the main story as seamlessly as possible. Unfortunately, it just didn't pan out that way at this time. Will we update the demo and change that in the future? We're considering that.

The good news going into the month of August is that there is just one final art piece left and it is being worked on going into September.

What was completed that was held up was a major warehouse scene piece that Georgy was working on. It is a rather big piece for the story arcs.

To the left is just one of eight variations of it that was completed in August. While we could have gone with just one or two for the current story, we elected to try and get them all done for the future. Which they turned out real well.

During the process, we also got a major airship design completed. One that is hinted at in the Cathedral story and is going to be serving as a major role in every story arc to come. Those that love airships in Guns of Icarus will be very interested to see the design as it tries to utilize concepts of how one might personally modify common ship platforms to better suit their needs.

For the month of September we'll be doing a lot of last minute work as we get ready to transition from Early Access to full release.

What will the full release bring? Mostly closure to this part of the story. There will continue to be some updates post release as we add more polish. This will be necessary as we'll need to also start prepping the game for the story arcs. As far as the roll out of the DLC story arcs, we'll be announcing some updates to that in the fall. Hopefully, we'll give everyone a better picture on how we're going to do it. Our current plans are going to continue with the DLC approach.

However, as with everything, we're learning as we go and we do revisit plans if there are roadblocks. Such is the life of a small developer!

Alright, that is all for August! Till next time, see you in the skies!

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