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April 2023 Studio Update

April is done and a sale is on! Time to give a recap of happenings for the month!

For the VLOG report, click below!

In April work not only continued on Raven's Prayer chapter one but, we also started scheduling chapter two with content production underway going into May. This isn't to say that chapter one is launching right away. Just that much of the major asset production is done outside of music.

Chapter two isn't as large in new assets as Chapter One. However, there are some big ones. We're going to be doing some of the most complex pieces of Ettingscove. Thankfully, these will help carry over to subsequent chapters as they will be a template for them. Eventually chapter production will be faster as we'll have much of the established images ready to load right in instead of waiting for creation.

Project 2 continued with it's steady pace into April with both John and Ingrid flexing their art muscles. John has actually caught up to Ingrid for certain scenes and will be moving ahead in the story while Ingrid hashes out more of the models needed. He's only doing keys based on Ingrid's models so, when they aren't ready yet, he moves to a different scene.

Ingrid is getting to some of the more complex characters which were put off till later so so models may simply take more time. Which honestly has been expected. Keeping this tandem between both artists is becoming key for Project 2 as we're trying to limit and mesh both styles to make things as consistent as possible.

Eventually if he moves farther and runs out of major assets to create, we'll be shifting him back and forth between Dust and Air and Project 2 since Dust and Air will definitely have background work to do.

The month of May will be shifting more focus into music discussions while art both wraps up and presses forward. Once music starts getting scheduled and assets produced, we'll be able to start projecting our rollout of Raven's Prayer.

Alright, that's all for the month of April! Onward into spring we go with summer closing in fast. Till next time, see you in the skies!

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