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From The CEO's Desk - Holiday Message

Greetings and salutations from myself and all of us at Broken Hammer!

Rather than post a quick holiday message on our social media, I wanted to just take some time today and really write something a bit meatier.

Whatever your faith or belief, this is a special time of year for many around the world. While there is no end to arguments or counter arguments about what should or shouldn't be celebrated, this really isn't a time for that. Let the politics go out the window!

In exchange, I'd just like to encourage people to really consider those less fortunate. Those who don't have families right now or those that are far from home and will not be able to be with them. There have many who have lost much. Not only this year but, perhaps many years.

There are those who live under persecution who have to celebrate in secret. Those who dream of a loving home and people who care about them. Those who have been hurt during this time of year and the pain it brings. The list goes on and on.

I'm reminded of a good friend who often spoke of how hard this time of year was for her. How often such terrible things happened during this time for her. She was far away and I couldn't help directly. So I decided to jump in some GOIO games with her and just spend as long as possible. She spent that time laughing instead of crying.

Then I'm reminded of another friend whose family held a different faith than she did. How she so wanted to celebrate and would often never get the chance even with her other friends. When I found that out and invited her to my own family celebrations. I can honestly say that was one of my most favorite years. To see such joy on her face as she experienced something she hadn't experienced before.

Sometimes that is all it takes. Playing a few games with them or opening a chair at the table, inviting someone who has not. Instead of shutting them out, inviting them in. Spending time with them.

There are many ways you can help someone during this time of year. Whether it be volunteering or even something as simple as placing a special call and taking time to talk with them. You don't know how much impact it will have. Who knows, you may just save a life :).

That said, in closing, I know this time of year is popular for gifting pets. If you do, please consider visiting a shelter and adopting an animal that has no home and may not even be alive the next day or week from now.

Save a life that will bring great joy and light into your own. Even if it means cleaning up litter boxes or taking walks. Hey, it's exercise! Burn off some of those extra calories! You'll live longer! Be thankful for each and ever dropping!

He he he, whens the last time you heard a holiday message end with animal droppings? My job is done...

Alright, blessings for all your holiday celebrations from Broken Hammer!

And a Merry Christmas from me.

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