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November 2023 Monthly Studio Report

Greetings and a Happy Thanksgiving to our US audience. The year is quickly coming to a close to time for one last report before the closing report of 2023!

For the VLOG report, click below!

November started out quite busy as we rolled into it with numerous pieces in production for both Projects. Pacing slowed towards the end as holidays kicked in but, it still remained strong. Georgy finished up three characters going into the month and is angling now towards the Andros pieces for December.

One of the characters can be seen on the left here, as well in the VLOG report. They are slated to appear in Ettingscove and as you may be able to tell, they are certainly a bit aloof in their demeanor.

Project 2 development held firm with a flurry of key images and some age up models. We're currently working on the meatiest part of the story in terms of key images and pieces we didn't have models for in the past. We also did more prelim work in Renpy for it. Something that has been a long time coming. We announced awhile ago that Project 2 was very much as test bed and that is remaining true especially on which engine we use.

There is another option we have been considering and that is Unity Engine's Naninovel. Unfortunately, the price tag for it is pretty steep and the recent backlash regarding Unity's price changes have us hesitant to invest anything into it. Which really is the biggest pause we have right now.

Going into 2024 we'll be finalizing these plans better as progress has been steady enough on Project 2 that we're seriously considering a holiday 2024 release. Time will tell as we move forward how well that fits in.

December is always a toss up month as holiday plans generally wreak havoc on a lot of team members but we will keep advancing our work to some degree going into 2024. There is also the possibility we may be getting our hands on a Steam Deck by then and we'll be able to confirm support for the system by the Winter sale.

So, till next time, see you in the skies!

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