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May 2022 Studio Update

May's adventures have concluded! Standby for June in 3...2... But first, a monthly studio report!

For the VLOG report, please click on the video below!

May was pretty productive for art production. After our efforts to recruit another background/cityscape artist fell short, Conn did indeed step in. Thanks to his work schedule improving, May was a flurry of updates on our huge Ettingscove cityscape.

Due to amount of details that need to be addressed from the story, the cityscape is being concepted out a chunk at a time before Conn does the final rendition. It is a change from how we did Cathedral and so far it is bearing much fruit. We've even made some updates that will later require some story tweaking.

Moving on, character development continued with more supporting cast members getting

their initial final models. There was also more discussions regarding how we will be handling clothing changes which will take place for characters during the story. New models based on current ones will be required that take into account the new attire. This will be a standardized methodology for multiple models in the future.

We also had character models in Project 2 continue to advance with a major supporting character get his first full color pass. There is still texturing and shading to go but he's been a bit faster than our initial heroines due to lesser detail required in his model.

Regarding Project 2, we're still looking for a dedicated background artist!

The only downside during the month of May was we had to push our video guide back due to computer failure on Michael's end. His system is back running and he's trying to rebuild his database which hopefully puts our video into June.

June will continue to build on what we've been working on. Hopefully bringing the Ettingscove cityscape even closer to final version. We're excited for the summer months and encouraged by progression we're making. Getting Raven's Prayer into engine is getting closer. As soon as it is, we'll be starting our release schedule.

Look for some final decisions to be made regarding that schedule as we approach our six year anniversary in July. We've learned a bit from the work we've been doing on the ports to get a much better idea of our direction moving forward.

Oh and speaking of ports, iOS port is still coming. We're definitely looking at hiring out for it now as we need someone with more experience to piece it together.

Alright, that's it for May! Till next time, see you in the skies!

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