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April 2020 Studio Update

Greetings! It's time for our monthly report!

Last month we ended on a bit of uncertainty as countries were getting locked down and schedules were all awry. As April has come to a close, we're happy to see things turning around. We've received some good reports from team member during April and it looks like everyone has stayed safe. Despite the strain on finances and work schedules, there has been some positive updates to both projects.

First of all, we're happy to say that Astoch's model has been updated and has been sent for final polishing. This has been a task that has been delayed due to a lot of unforeseen circumstances that plagued the development last year. Astoch represents the final major character model that was needed for the neutral arc.

Currently he is engine ready and is going to be dropped into the story in May. When his final polish pass is done, the models will simply be pasted over.

Aside from him, April also saw some concepting of the final key image for the NA as well. It is a major story image and one we've been looking forward to see for a long time. Sadly we cannot post teasers as it will reveal too much of the story.

How the team endured the virus and the lock down has been encouraging. Despite their schedules interrupted, they've stayed safe. Sean managed to get some time off from the hospital to chat and we're glad to see it has been going well in Oregon. However, there is a bit of uncertainty regarding jobs right now in the medical industry. Despite what the media is broadcasting, many hospitals are not full right now, nor are filled with covid patients.

With people avoiding hospitals and surgeries being postponed, it is impacting their financials. Which is something the media hasn't been covering much. We're thankful that Sean has some work right now but, it does impact his road moving forward as the industry is not being as quick to promote right now. This does impact his ability to work on the project at least for the near future. As life starts returning to normal, we'll see in the coming months. Thankfully most of his work on Dust and Air was completed.

Pending on developments going into May, we may be starting the last rounds of major testing by summer. Right now this is our push as lock downs get lifted and team members can get some relief. Yohana is going to be a major help in getting this summer push going. She practically made it on the last flight out of Indonesia and got through Japan and LAX right before the immigration pause hit. With her visa expiring in early May, it was quite the suspenseful time for her. Lets just say, a lot of prayers were answered! Ha ha!

As we close out April, we're still looking forward to the decals getting released. Contacts with Muse have remained solid. The patch is coming but obviously complications with a work from home schedule has impacted Muse a bit more and looks to be pushing the patch into May.

Reminder, you have two options of getting the decals for Guns of Icarus Online. If you'd like to get them, you can visit the marketplace in game or visit our pledge page. What's the difference? One gets you just the decals, the other gets you a special title, avatars, and a future copy of Dust and Air.

Physical items from the GoGo aren't included in either pledge option at this time. Since we do have some, we are considering making them available again. However, there are no details at this time.

Alright, that is all for this month. Till next time, see you in the skies!

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